• Upcoming Game Announcement December 2016

    Since the release of Evolution, work has been fairly intermittent on the planned tower defense game we had announced called Drumpf Defense. With the election results of the most recent United States political reality show in, we here at Genetic Games have decided to place the upcoming tower defense game Drumpf Defense on indefinite hiatus. While this project may be completed as intended or be modified into a new work entirely at some future date, at the current moment, we have no plans to continue development.

    That being said, there has not been nearly as much negative news coverage concerning elderly grandmothers attempting to cross streets, so Grogger is still in our (not so distant) future!

    Looking forward, a new game project has sprung up extremely rapidly and gained a lot of traction with us recently here at Genetic Games. As of now, it is planned to be our next upcoming title, to be released before end of March 2017.

    With no further ado, we are pleased to announce a new side-scrolling street fighter featuring our most seemingly stable organ, Heart Attack! Check back here often for updates as they arise or check out our other games in the mean time! All Games

  • Upcoming Game Announcement May 2016

    After the release of Evolution, we would like to announce our plans for several of our other games as well to encourage others to join in and give gamers an idea as to what is over the 8-bit horizon.

    At the moment, two games are in the planning phases. One is a Frogger-like game called Grogger with questionably moral and humorous elements. The other is Drumpf Defense, a tower defense game featuring the United States Presidential hopeful himself, the Donald.

    These are not the only games we are currently working on, and anyone willing to join is free to work on these or any other games they wish.

    There are currently no timelines in place for either of these games, but check back here often for updates as they arise! All Games

  • The First Genetic Games Release! April 2016

    Evolution is the proud, first release by Genetic Games! Through the eye piece of a microscope, you aim to witness evolution of a wily bacteria first-hand.

    This top-down 2D single player game puts you in the tiny driver seat behind a single mutated bacteria hell-bent on being nothing short of the fittest to survive in the whole, wide petri dish.

    Feel free to send us feedback! For those of you that have sent us feedback so far, thank you!

    By Ian Santagata and Corey Topkis Play Now!

  • Genetic Games Inauguration February 2016

    And lo! Out of the darkness rose a great project, one to rule with an iron fist over the ages, simply because it took itself too seriously.

    Wait what? That's not us? Damn. Well, in February of 2016 is when we were born as a collective unit and where our growth from a small fledgling idea and a friend's name become what it is today (whatever that may happen to be).

    What, who, where, when, why, and how are we, you ask? We're pretty good, thanks for asking. But for semi-serious answers to your other questions, you will have to read more to find out! Read More