Latest News: New Game Announcement

In a world filled with bacon double cheeseburgers and painfully awkward teenage love, our hearts have had just about enough of our abuse.

Sick and tired of our unsuccessful love lives and our desire for deep fried everything, it's time for one loose-cannon heart on the edge to rise up and fight back. Because this time, it's personal!

Genetic Games is proud to announce an upcoming title featuring that mean, lean, blood-pumpin' machine: Heart Attack.

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Featured Game: Evolution

Evolution is the proud first release by Genetic Games! Through the eye piece of a microscope, you aim to witness evolution of a wily bacteria first-hand.

This top-down 2D single player game puts you in the driver seat behind a single mutated bacteria hell-bent on being nothing short of the fittest to survive in the whole, wide petri dish. Try your hand at Evolution today and grow to become a legend larger than life, and maybe even bigger than Charles Darwin himself!

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